Covenants Enforcement

Sierra is governed by established covenants, bylaws, and policies.  The primary responsibility of the board is ensuring compliance with these governing documents, which are posted below.

In order to maintain a desirable and peaceful neighborhood in which we live, please follow these 
General Rules which summarize some of the key covenants and requirements of living in Sierra.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Filing a Covenant Violation Complaint

Property owners are encouraged to work through issues and violations of Sierra’s covenants, by-laws and policies with their neighbors before seeking enforcement from the Sierra Board of Directors. If this course of action is not possible or has been unsuccessful, please submit a written complaint as follows.

1.  Complete a Covenant Violation Complaint Form.  (Note:  This is a PDF fillable Form.  First
     download the form and open it on  your computer or device.  Then complete the information and
     save the form).

2.  Submit the complaint form via one of the following methods:

3.  Upon the filing of the complaint, the Board shall attempt to reasonably investigate the complaint to the
     extent deemed appropriate and take necessary actions per established processes.  

Please refer to the following documents for further information.


Governing Documents


Covenants Supporting Policies

 For information about the architectural-related processes, please refer to the Architecture page.


Other Policies


Washington State Regulations

DISCLAIMER:  This is an unsecured website not intended for transmission of confidential information.  Please direct all private communications regarding community issues directly to a member of the Sierra Country Club Board of Directors.