Sierra Firewise Program

Sierra received its official Firewise Community status in 2017 and has continued to maintain that status.  Please see the following for more information about the program and what you can do to keep your home or lot and our neighborhood safe from wildfire.


Please remember that our fire district,
North Whidbey Fire and Rescue,
has a levy lid lift on the November ballot.
The Firewise Committee reminds you to vote.




Request a FREE home fire safety inspection today!

For more information about the Firewise program resources including
FREE home fire safety inspections
Lynne Scapple (360) 989-0331 
or visit the Whidbey Island Conservation District (WICD) Firewise website at:  
Tips, videos, and other resources
to help you keep your home safe
from fire or wildfire
Your efforts can truly make a difference in reducing the fire hazard in your own home and in our neighborhood.  This includes properly maintaining your smoke detectors, keeping tall grass and weeds mowed or cut so they don't exceed 8 inches in height, disposing of dead vegetation, tree limbs, etc.
See these tips, videos, and other resources for information on ways to prevent fire in your home and on your property.