Notices & Events

  Due to Covid 19 restrictions and precautions,
our community gatherings and events are limited at this time. 
Please stay tuned for updates.



Keep Sierra Safe from Wildfire
Your continued efforts are appreciated in helping reduce the fire hazard in our neighborhood.  This includes keeping tall grass and weeds mowed or cut so they don't exceed 8 inches in height.  Also, disposing of dead vegetation, tree limbs, etc., can help reduce potential fuel sources. 

See the Firewise page for more info and resources.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Invasion at Sierra!
Poison Hemlock Abatement
Poison hemlock--a highly toxic noxious weed--continues to pose a health and safety issue for the Sierra neighborhood and its control is a state and county requirement.
We request all Sierra property owners address any poison hemlock as soon as possible to help control its spread.
CAUTION:  DO NOT touch poison hemlock without protective gloves and clothing.  Be sure to keep children and pets away from the plants.
Use the following resources to help with identification and control of poison hemlock:

Please email for further guidance.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Scotch Broom and Other Invasive Species
Sierra and much of Island County continue to have issues with other invasive or noxious weeds including Scotch Broom and Canada or Bull Thistle which can overtake native vegetation.
  Read the latest article about how serious the
  Scotch Broom issue is on Whidbey
See helpful information about other noxious weeds
and what you can do to control them on the
Island County Noxious Weed Control Board website.



REMINDER: Speed Limit in Sierra is 25 mph!

Please drive safely in the neighborhood.
Lowering your speed while driving the streets inside Sierra
is a neighborly thing to do and it's the law!


Please do not climb on or remove clay or other natural materials from our fragile bluffs. THANKS!

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