Due to Covid 19 restrictions and precautions,
potlucks or other gatherings have been put on hold.

Stay tuned for updates.



General Info

All Sierra owners and tenants are welcomed to attend our monthly Potlucks.  They are typically held the last Saturday of each month at 6pm at the clubhouse.  The exceptions are: In November, there is no potluck because of the Thanksgiving holiday, and in December, we hold a holiday party in the afternoon.   Bring something to eat to share with others, and bring your own plates, eating utensils, and favorite drink.  Coffee and hot water for tea are provided. 


Hosting a potluck, made easy!

  • Potlucks are the last Saturday of each month, excluding November and December.  November is Thanksgiving and the month of December, the board will host the holiday potluck.
  • When it is time to host your potluck you will want to get the keys from the Clubhouse Reservations Manager or another board member.  You will need a key for the front door. 
  • You need to arrive 30-60 early, so you can unlock the front door and adjust the temperature.  The instructions for resetting the temperature are located on the wall next to the thermostat at the back of the main room.
  • Arrange the tables and chairs to provide room for the food and seating for your guests.  There is no wrong way to set up the tables but it will require at least two people to move the tables into place.  If you think you will need help be sure to let the Clubhouse Reservations Manager know.
  • You will need to put out the coffee and tea supplies by the Keurig coffee maker.  Supplies can be found in the kitchen cabinets. Make sure the reservoir is filled with water and turn it on.   Also check that the instructions sheet about how to use the Keurig is displayed.
  • Once the set up is complete you are ready to greet your guests beginning at 6:00pm.  Call your guests to dinner at about 6:30.
  • When it looks like everybody is finished and beginning to leave, start the cleanup.  Usually everybody helps with this cleanup of food and the replacement of the tables and chairs.
  • Before you leave remember to reset the temperature to the lower setting, turn out the lights and be sure to lock the doors.
  • If this is your first time, ask for help.
  • Great job, let’s do it again some time!            

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